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My brother and his family are visiting from Dawson City, Yukon. I am in between studios, so I have set up a temporary painting station at one end of our 8 foot dining table. 


Six year old Lily: Aunt Stephie, why are you always painting?

On June 13 th , 2019 OMAH held its Annual General Meeting and my 3-year term on the board came to an end. For most of this time, I have acted as chair of the board.
OMAH team member, Heather Price-Jones, asked if I wouldn’t share a few thoughts on this milestone for the OMAH Blog. She pr

Get your 'Cycle On' Orillia! Streets Alive 2019 kicks off this Saturday, June 15 in the Peter Street Arts District.

Hi there! My name is Olivia Rozema, I am the Community Engagement Coordinator at OMAH. It has been an absolute whirlwind since I joined the OMAH team in March 2019.

I would like to provide some random thoughts to help you understand what I am thinking about when creating my paintings. It is not intended to explain the work. Please feel free to take from the work what you need or want.