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Image Credit: Paul Shilling, Two Feathers. Oil on Canvas. 24" x 36"  Accession # 2022.9.1Eyeing OMAH’s Collection features portraits of women from OMAH’s permanent collection. This exhibition was curated by […]


Amanta Scott, Medusa’s Rage, Impressions of  Autumn Peltier.  Encaustic on canvas and panel, 40”X40” (framed).Eyeing Medusa celebrates visionary women of all ages, orientations, cultures and walks of life making a difference in our world […]


January 28, 2023 - April 15, 2023Burner HerzogBurner Herzog statement: "Near our home is an abandoned sawdust burner, the last one we have been told still standing in Ontario. This […]

BEYOND THE FENCE: Christine Mack and David Hill

This is an exhibit about acknowledging change from one state to another, specifically in reference to our gardens. Chris revels in the colour and life found in these gardens, as […]

Colours of Women

An Orillia Museum of Art & History and Green Haven Shelter for Women collaboration.Admire the incredible work currently displayed at OMAH by the artist Amanta Scott celebrating visionary women from […]