Friday, April 15, 2016 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

100 artists, 100 works of art, 100 tickets at $100 each!

Join us Friday April 15 at 7pm for an evening of music and art! In conjunction to the opening reception of Roger Kerslake: Potter, Artist, Teacher, and anyone is welcome to attend this event. But only those with a ticket will have the guarantee of taking home some art!

Tickets will be sold for $100 each which guarantees the purchaser 1 original work of art.  The catch?  They don't know whose work of art they'll get.  Artwork will be displayed with only a number.  The guest's number will be selected and that is the work of art they'll get to keep!

Tickets are available at OMAH or can be purchased through our website by clicking "Add to Cart" at the side of this page.

Over the next four weeks we will be announcing 25 new participating artists every Sunday, so be sure to check back for more names every week!

Click on the artist name to link to their website. 

Melody Madden 
Dave Beckett 
Lois Green 
Leslie Town 
Mara Korkola
Sadko Hazihasonovic
Nancy Lem
Teresa Trainer
George Page
Julia Grimaldi
Lindsay Quenneville
Janis Cornish
Bob Fortier
Patricia Beecham
Charles Pachter
Keith Lem
Martha Henrickson
Hope Herbst
Jae Fratzl
Jeanette Luchese
Jennifer Houlden
Tammy Henry
Joanna Fonseca
Helen Howard
Steph Whalen

Sylvia Tesori
Kathryn Kaiser
Bewabon Shilling 
Mary Ann Tully 
Georgeanne Matthews
Aiden Alderson 
Gayle Schofield
Katherine Percival
Heather Hauck
Jean Sanders
Peter McEwen
Cheri Hempseed
Catherine Taylor Sim
Joanne Haskins
Marci Csumrik
Karen Bell
Tama Kossman
Jim Ireland
Carley McCutcheon
Alexandra Beneteau
Adam Dagenais
Sierah Madden
Lyndell Oldfield
Roger Kerslake

Tanya Cunnington
Travis Shilling 
Don Evans
Kathleen Rodgers
Susan Rudoler
Anne Knegt
Marlene Bulas
Phil Jackman
Don McMullen
Ingi Gould
Lynda Bertrand
Elaine Bremer
Sandra Hammett
Wanda Elgar
Annie Churchill 
Luci Dilkus
Chacha Abuela
Kat Sumpton
Angela Plesa
Carl Vickers
Dan Nuttall
Samantha Vessios
Thomas Henrickson
Carol Deimling
Heather Kerslake 

Karen Wild 

Adele Derkowski
Betty Wells
David Hawke
Claire Bull
Tom Regenbogen
Naomi Sawatsky
Janet MacFayden
Jennifer Booth
Robyn Hause
Douglas Hamilton
Alice Edwards
Nancy Jones 
Peter Fyfe 
Joanne Bockna
Pat Guinn
Jane Wilson
Ninette Gyorody
Haleigh Fox 
Marion Leyland
Heather Tuline-Alden
Paul Allen
Jane Braden
Lynda Lynn

Jennie Clark
Juliana Hawke
Prudence Smith
Susan McTavish
Sandy Atkinson
Halyna Mordowanec Regenbogen
Patti Agapi
Beverly Post Schmeler
Xavier Fernandes
Gwen Reilly
Doug Wilson
Gail Mueller
Stephen Cruise
Suzanne Jarvis
Olivia Neal
Samantha Daigle
Joanna McEwen
Frances Thomas
Amy Bagshaw
Jessalyn Forsythe
Kelli Dove
Claudia Mandler McKnight
Kristina Smith
Amanda Gallagher

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