Smiles of a Summer Night auction raises $60 000 for OMAH

photo of audience applauding Charles Pachter at Moose Factory of Orillia

It is with great pleasure to announce the final results of Smiles of a Summer Night, a one-time-only auction of 44 of Charles Pachter's most iconic works which took place at his new gallery and studio Moose Factory of Orillia (MOFO) on July 19th.  

The auction raised $60,000!

Proceeds from this event will go towards The Charles Pachter Endowment Fund at The Orillia Museum of Art & History (OMAH) which he has most generously established to enable OMAH to expand our cultural activities in the region.

Thank you Charles Pachter! You are an amazing friend to OMAH AND to the City of Orillia as well!!!

Best regards,

Ninette Gyorody

Executive Director