What's on for Kids This Fall!

We love children’s programs at OMAH. Children bring an energy and enthusiasm to the museum that is infectious! Each day, our educators try to engage the imaginations of young Orillia with programs designed to help kids discover, learn and ask questions. We like to imagine that with our suite of children’s programs that we are supporting the development of the next generation of advocates and patrons, but also, the next generation of artists and historians.
New this year is a re-occurring kid’s art club for Ages 7-13. The Steelies Art Club (named for Sir Sam Steele) will meet every Tuesday evening. Club members will learn new artistic techniques and skills taught by a practicing artist, while building friendships and having fun. Kids will have the opportunity to earn ‘badges’ as they complete a series of art challenges during club meetings and at home or in the community. In the studio, we will learn about art, techniques and art history, but at home Steelies will be challenged with activities like making art with seniors or out of recycled materials.
On October 4 and November 22, OMAH is hosting our first ever PA day camps for kids age 6-10! On school PA days, Kids will make OMAH the classroom. From 9am-4:30pm we will explore, art, science, and history through hands-on activities and games. What are your kids doing on the next PA day? Along with the seven PA days over the school year for elementary students, comes an opportunity to support parents by occupying their children and support children by engaging their creative thinking! Imagine the unique educational experiences at the OMAH, a restored heritage building from the turn of the 20th Century. Here your kids can discover, observe and investigate.
For children aged 6-12, STEMstudio integrates science and technology with art-making. Advertised with the tagline “Science is everywhere, even in the studio!”, STEMstudio is a unique learning experience that emphasizes that science and art are not so different. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  In STEMstudio, kids will participate in a hands-on STEM activity then apply what they learned to art. This combination of art and science encourages kids to think critically and exercise their creativity.
In our first session kids learned about water conservation and the water treatment process. After participating in a hands-on water filtration activity we developed a water-colour painting project about the microscopic organisms that live in the lake. Of course, the water-colour project was completed using our clean, freshly filtered, lake water. On October 12th STEMstudio re-occurs. This time, using fossils from our permanent collection we will learn about how fossils are made and the excavation process! Afterwards, we will use plaster to create our own "fossils" to bring home.
Baby Art Crawl is also back this month. Our first session of 2019 will be held on Wednesday September 25th from 10:30-11:30. It is never too early to introduce little ones to art galleries! In this program for children aged 0-3, babies, toddlers, and their caregivers are invited to the gallery for tours and baby friendly art play. These ‘stroller tours’ are a great way for caregivers to come see the exhibitions with their little ones. Our casual guided tour is followed up with hands-on art making in our third floor studio.
-Olivia Rozema, Community Engagement Coordinator