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Thank you to everyone involved. We hope you had fun! Check out all of the submissions below.

Kindergarten to Grade Three

Flying High

Anytime I want to fly
I climb a ladder up the sky,
Hop on a cloud as white as snow
And off I go!
There isn’t any steering wheel.
My cloud goes anywhere I feel:
Over the mountains, out to sea –
It’s up to me.
Below the people look like bugs;
Farmer’s fields like dusty rugs.
Miles above the lakes and trees,
I ride the breeze.
Now and then some birds fly by,
Amazed to see me up so high.
I wave at them and say, “Nice day.”
Then float away.
At suppertime they call for me.
So I tie my cloud to an apple tree.
Pick an apple for my mum
And down I come.

If Icicles Were Popsicles

If icicles were popsicles
I’d like the winter more.
If all that snow was ice cream
I’d rush out my front door.
If frost was sweet as sugar
I’d lick each window clear;
But snow and ice are not that nice
I wish that spring was here.


Jennifer James
Is training her dog:
She tells him to sit
And he rolls like a log.
She asks him to speak,
He spins in a whirl.
She tells him to heel,
He chases a squirrel.
She says, “Shake a paw!”
He stands on his head.
She calls out, “Go fetch!”
He barks and plays dead.
So many tricks
Her doggy can do,
And it’s easy to see
Just who’s tricking who.

Grades Four to Six

Monkey’s Uncle

If I were a monkey’s uncle
Then I’d be a monkey too.
I’d hang out in the jungle
And do what monkeys do.
If I were a monkey’s uncle,
I’d swing in a monkey tree
With all the screeching creatures
In my monkey family.
We’d gulp banana pizza
And slurp banana tea.
If I were a monkey’s uncle
Would you monkey around with me?
If I were a monkey’s uncle
I’d have a hairy face,
A hairy back, a hairy bum –
Hairy every place.
If I were a monkey’s uncle
I’d travel round in style,
Lounging in a lawn chair
On the back of a crocodile.
I’d scratch my hairy belly
And babble “Boo-Ga-Boo!”
If I were a monkey’s uncle
Could I monkey around with you?

Grades Seven to Eight

Oddball Hall

Behind a crumbling, tumbling wall,
You’ll find a place called Oddball Hall.
Floors are warped, the chimney tilts.
The basement walks around on stilts.
Door bells pop, toasters chime.
The clocks tell jokes, but won’t tell time.
The stairs go up, but won’t come down.
The mirrors wink when you turn around.
The upstairs maid has itchy feet.
She scratches her toes with a sugar beet.
And every day at half past noon
She flies a kite in the drawing room.
The Lord and Master of the Hall
Lost his pants at the shopping mall.
So wearing just a shirt and socks,
He bakes key cookies for the locks,
Then reads Spinoza to the cat
While hanging face-down like a bat.
His wife is skinny as a broom.
She keeps a zebra in her room.
The zebra’s name is Eat at Joe’s.
It speaks Swahili through his nose.
Out in the garden there’s a tree
Where herons come each day for tea.
They skewer pastries with their beaks
While gossiping in squawks and squeaks.
The pool is great for cooling down
Although the water’s muddy brown
It’s really hard to do the crawl
With Hippos packed in wall to wall.
They’re downright daffy, one and all
That’s why they call it Oddball Hall.

Zombies in my Classroom

The zombies in my classroom

Got crazier each day

My teacher tried to calm them down.

They ate him yesterday.


The principal was summoned

To give them a talking to.

She told them all to smarten up.

Of course they ate her too.


Police responded quickly

To the nine-eleven call.

The zombies mobbed and ate the cops,

Handcuffs, guns and all.


The army general told us

These zombies can be beaten.

Then ten platoons of servicemen

Were cornered, swarmed and eaten.


It took my skinny granny

With her Sheltie by her side,

To stop this stuff and nonsense

And turn the zombie tide.


She used an incantation:

“This simply will not do!”

The zombies looked embarrassed

And stared down at their shoes.


My granny told the zombies,

“This stops and stops right now!

Such rude, uncouth behaviour,

I simply won’t allow.”


When Granny makes her mind up,

The whole thing’s said and done.

The zombies got the message

And scattered one by one.


They went back to the graveyard

And lay down quietly;

While Granny and her Sheltie

Walked home for treats and tea.

The Nervous Mountain Climber

In the middle of The Prairies

Where no mountains are in sight

Lives a nervous mountain climber

Who is not too big on heights.


Gazing at the grasslands,

He’ll tell you with a sigh:

“My big complaint with mountains

Is they make them much too  high!


“It’s not that I’m a coward.

Now, don’t go thinking that!

Mountains wouldn’t bother me

If they were soft and flat.


“If mountains were like meadows

I’d grab my climbing gear

And clamber through the daisies

Without the slightest fear.


“But mountains rise so steeply;

You can plummet if you slip.

There’s never any staircase

Or a handrail you can grip.


“I’m not afraid of climbing;

It’s the thought of falling down.

That’s why I’d like a mountain

That’s closer to the ground.


“A little baby mountain–

Two-feet high or so–

That doesn’t make me dizzy

When I take a peek below.”


In the middle of the prairies

The world is wide and flat;

And the nervous  mountain climber

Prefers it just like that.


More submissions to come…