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Family Fun Drop In

Sunday, January 28, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

New year, new Family Fun Drop-In! Join us in January to have fun exploring the elements and principles of design through three unique Sunday programs!  

Sunday, January 14- Chalk Pastel Still Life

Learn fundamental sketching techniques with chalk pastels while trying your hand at still life drawing! Experiment with colour and value to get a feel for the drawing techniques that are vital to so many art forms!

Sunday, January 21 - Transformation Drawings

Transform objects and animals with art as you learn about shape, form, and texture. With guided instruction, you will learn how morph two objects or animals using a variety of pencil techniques!

Sunday, January 28 - Printmaking Perspectives

Using printmaking to explore one point perspective, we will learn how the angle of a line can dramatically change a work of art! Create new depth in your artwork with the skills you learn from your one point perspective prints!


What is Family Fun Drop In?

We invite families to stop by the museum for a Sunday afternoon art activity! Join us from 2-3pm, $5 per family covers drop-in and admission to the museum