In this in-person art and history hybrid program, students will learn about archaeology, and the history of how clay was used by the local Wendat and Ojibway peoples.  The program will begin with an interactive archaeological dig in which students will get to excavate and document their own historical artefacts.  The program will then culminate in the creation of two small clay pots which students will construct using historical methods.  The program adheres to the social studies curriculum as students learn about early indigenous communities through the excavation and re-creation of clay artefacts.


Pricing for Art & Archaeology


2 Hours.  $10.00 per student minimum 15 students required to sign up.

For this in-person, outdoor program, instructors will arrive at your location bringing along all of the materials needed to complete the session.  The program consists of two 1-hour halves which will be guided by OMAH instructors.  The program is adaptable for audiences from kindergarten to grade 8.  At the end of the session, students will have learned the basics of archaeology through hands-on experience, and will have two clay projects to keep.