October 3, 2020 – January 17, 2021


The Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition: Tradition Transformed was created in recognition of Group of Seven member, Franklin Carmichael, who was born in Orillia. Now in its 19th year, this juried show calls on artists from across the country to submit work that embraces, challenges, comments, critiques, echoes, challenges, re-works or strengthens images, perceptions and interpretations of Canadian landscape through the artist’s chosen medium. Heavily rooted in Carmichael’s beliefs on traditionalism and classical modes of artistic expression, Carmichael himself was very much invested in contemporary artistic styles having been inspired by his native Canadian surroundings.

2020 Artists

Michael Black

David Brandy

Diana Braun-Woodbury

Paige Bromby

Caleb Butler

Mike Callaghan

Lisa Clark

Dalla Coletta

Sarah  Cullen

Rosellen D’Agostino

Deborah Danelley

Adele  Derkowski

Claire  Domitric

Maria   Drazilov

Michael Drolet

Amir  Farokhpour

Janice  Feist

Tanya  Fenkell

Marie  Finkelstein

Adam  Gagnon

Larry   Glazar

Lori   Goldberg

Anita  Granger

Jude  Griebel

Julie  Grimaldi

Cathy   Groulx

Martha Henrickson

Shaney Herrmann

David   Holden

Stevan Ioannidis

Alex    Jack

Gita   Karklins

Justin   Langille

Marie  Lannoo

Bethany LeBlonc

Cathryn MacFarlane

Monique Martin

Ingrid   Mayrhofer

David McClyment

Alan  McCord

Greg McCullough

Sue A. Miller

Suzanne Morrison

Frank Myers

Laurie O’Reilly

Krista Pain

Jackie  Partridge

Denesee Paul

Amanda PL

Emily   Pleasance

Stephanie Porter

Cynthia Postma

Janet   Read

Samantha Reimer

Linda Rutenberg

Lori   Ryerson

Liz   Schamehorn

Barbara Schmidt

Amy     Shackleton

Bewabon Shilling

Melanie Siegel

Karin    Silverstone

Marta Stares

Patrick Stieber

Peter Stranks

Joanna Strong

Marisa Swangha

Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

Amy  Thompson

Stephanie Thompson

Irina  Valentin

Stephanie Vegh

Rachael Warnock

Janine Wheeler

Lingxiang Wu