“What is Community?” “What buildings make up the Orillia Community?” “Who works in these places and what do they do to serve the people of Orillia?”

Join the Orillia Museum of Art & History for a Virtual Field Trip through the community of the City of Orillia.  In this 25 minute video, perfect for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students, the tour guide will take your class on an engaging and interactive tour to several important locations around town to answer some of these questions.

But this isn’t just a field trip.  This is a complete lesson package that contains the video and project information, including connections to the Grade 1 Social Studies curriculum and the four frames of Kindergarten, plus learning goals for easy marking.

Community is an important unit in Kindergarten and Grade 1, so let the Orillia Museum be your tour guide around town.


Students will learn to demonstrate an awareness of their surroundings and an understanding of the diversity within the wider community as they explore both natural and built features.  The projects encourage problem solving skills, and communication using appropriate terminology.

Grade 1:

Students will explore the interrelationship between people and the natural and built features of their community with a focus on how the services meet the needs of the community, even as the community evolves and diversifies.  The projects encourage problem solving skills and communication using appropriate terminology and basic mapping comprehension.

Thanks to Mrs. Earle, Mrs. Wassell and Mrs. Angliss’ fabulous Kindergarten Class at Orchard Park Public School for helping us pilot this program.  They made some amazing buildings after going on our Virtual Field Trip!

Preview the field trip!