May 28 – September 3, 2022


Cultural leaves from top, left – right: Swedish (Karin Clifford), Palestinian (Joyce Cybak), Ghanaian (Cecilia Asamoah), Irish Catholic (Joanne McBay), Japanese (Yvonne Bando), Finnish (Anita Payne), Ukrainian (Tracey Lawko), Chinese (Kwan), Manitoba Metis (Deb Malcolm), Hawaiian (Catherine Roland), Ugandan (Fatuma Mulungi), Polynesian/New Zealander (Greta Hildebrand).

Reflections of Ourselves is a collaborative art project which celebrates the rich diversity of Canadians. Conceived as a genealogical maple tree, the installation explores the question “Who are we?” Dual lenses of cultural heritage and material culture are expressed through textile traditions and contemporary techniques. Leaves created by Indigenous, settler and immigrant Canadians in honour of their cultural heritage hang from the branches. The tree is a metaphor that places humans in the context of the earth’s natural environment. It is a representation of our human community where differences in human culture are like the variations of individual leaves on a tree.


Tracey Lawko is a textile artist whose work focuses on the environment and the concept of “Canada”. From detailed nature studies of pollinating insects that are “drawn with thread”, to large dimensional and mixed media sculptures, her work pushes the boundaries of the medium of embroidery and fibre art. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the US and Europe. Tracey is very happy that her maternal ancestors came from France in 1649 and her paternal grandparents from the Ukraine in the early 1900s to live in this beautiful land called Canada.