Suitable for grades 4 and up

Run-time: Approximately 1 hour

One of our latest offerings is the customizable, “OMAH Show & Tell.” In this one-hour long virtual, interactive presentation, one of OMAH’s educators will guide your group through a slideshow of some of our favourite artefacts from the museum’s collection.  Our presenter will discuss an array of historical artefacts that represent people, places and events from Orillia’s history, as well as a selection of the Arts Coordinator’s curated artworks.  If you want a more specific classroom connection, this program can also be tailored at no extra cost to include artefacts that suit a specific unit that your class is studying – all you have to do is ask!  Come spend an hour online with us and learn about Orillia’s history and art through our amazing collection.


Pricing for OMAH Show & Tell

$50 for 1-hour presentation plus Q&A (includes customization)