All Day

Will McGarvey: Sticks and Stones

Orillia Museum of Art & History 30 Peter Street South, Orillia

On my canvas, natural forms are broken down into shape, colour and texture. Images emerge, interpreting themes currently challenging society and the environment. When painting, I celebrate the energy felt when beholding the intrinsic beauty of our world, no matter how ugly or scary. Art engages and transforms me. Landscape, politics, culture and the environment are just a few topics of exploration in Sticks and Stones, a body of work that I have been focused on for the past four years.

–Will McGarvey

Jill Price: Unfurled

Orillia Museum of Art & History 30 Peter Street South, Orillia

Drawing on narratives and word play based on animals hunted, trapped, and exchanged, Unfurled utilizes objects and materials held within OMAH’s historical collection, as well as objects created by Price, to discuss how the thriving abundance of animals led to the material wealth of their prime predators, human beings.

Welcome Home to Orillia

Orillia Museum of Art & History 30 Peter Street South, Orillia

In our upcoming exhibit, “Welcome Home to Orillia,” we interviewed eleven individuals from six continents who immigrated to Orillia to ask them these questions.  Their incredible stories of resilience and courage in the face of changing circumstances will be displayed at OMAH, alongside some of the objects they chose to bring with them.  Come visit the museum to learn about the amazing stories of people living right here in our community.  “Welcome Home to Orillia,” coming soon to OMAH.


PA Day Camp @ OMAH

Wondering what to do with the kids during their PA Days this year?  OMAH has the answer!  We will be offering full-day camps at the museum which include art projects, history activities, and of course, time to explore the museum’s exhibits.