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The History of Medicine in Orillia

Medical history is convoluted: full of intrigue, missteps, and miraculous breakthroughs.  There is always something interesting about seeing an old bottle of medicine or a historical medical instrument. Healthcare in Canada is largely a standard service in our lives, so many people neglect to think about how it got to where it is today. It is important to take a moment, especially nowadays, to appreciate the struggles and advancements made in medicine, which is the goal of our new Medical Exhibit.  The Medical Exhibit showcases artifacts from OMAH’s permanent collection that relate to Orillia’s local medical history. The exhibit explores the history of the Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital (OSMH), including images of the hospital through the ages, the Orillia School of Nursing, which ran from 1910 until 1974, and the career of local doctor, Trevor McLennan (1907 - 1980) who served in WWII and ran the radiology department at the OSMH. The most exciting part is the apothecary corner, where you can view medical bottles for a wide range of ailments and historical treatments. We invite you to step back in time with us as you visit this new exhibit on display from now until late June in OMAH’s main lobby. 

Views from a Canoe

 Tuesday, March 16, 2021 to Saturday, October 16, 2021  VIEWS FROM A CANOEThis exhibition, Views from a Canoe, comes from a more local journey. Spending much of his time now on Lake […]

Let the fur fly!

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Two speakers take opposing views of Canada's historic trade in animal skins.

OMAH exhibiting artist Jill Price examines the fur trade from an imagined animal perspective while amateur historian John Savage offers the viewpoint of his ancestor Antoine Gaudaur, a fur trader and Orillia's first non-indigenous settler.