Creative Printmaking


In this printmaking session, students will examine different types of block prints from OMAH’s collection such as Inuit block prints and prints from instructor and printmaker Juliana Hawke.  Using traditional tools such as printers ink and brayers, students will create one or two prints inspired by animals and patterning on coloured paper.



After exploring the process of relief printmaking, the nature of reproductions, and the importance of line, shape, and composition, students will create their own “master plate.” This plate will be used to create relief prints on colourful paper.


In this program students will discuss the fundamentals of printmaking, focusing on relief print processes and the nature of reproductions. Using elements such as line, shape, composition, and balance, students will make their own “master plate,” which they will use to create prints on colourful paper.



In this program students will focus on relief print processes, the nature of reproductions, and the prominence of this art form in societies past and present. After creating preliminary compositions and further refining them, students will create their own “master plate”, from which they will create prints.


To book the class, send an email to Monica.